A little faster running, during which even the owner will run.


  • Mini
  • Midi
  • Maxi
  • Drive
  • Heavy weight

Start fee:

300,- CZK / 12


  • Field 10x10m. There is a catching zone of at least 10m around all 4 sides.
  • Duration is 60s.
  • The handler always throws the Puller from one side of the square to the opposite side, the dog catches the Puller behind the opposite side of the square.
  • The handler runs to the next side of the square either to the right or to the left (then continues to change sides around), the dog returns to the handler.
  • The handler then throws the second Puller again to the opposite side, the dog again catches it behind the square.
  • The handler again moves to the next side of the square, the dog runs to the handler and passes the Puller to the handler behind the line.
  • The handler and the dog keep changing sides like this over and over until the timer runs out.
  • The start of the timer is after double tapping the Pullers against each other, while the dog and handler must be behind the starting line (outside the square).
  • The handler must go around the square from the outside (around the corner) when changing sides.
  • The dog must run between the lines of the square (between the flags on the opposite side) for the Puller. With the Puller, they can go back whichever way they want.
  • Scoring - 1 point for correctly catching the Puller in the catching zone (it is behind the opposite edge of the square and still in motion), 1 point for bringing the Puller and releasing it in the starting zone (bringing it without it falling out of the mouth and bringing it to the correct zone outside the square - the one where the handler is.
  • In case of a tie, there is a shoot-out. This is done with 4 throws (1 circulating square) according to the rules above. If the dogs have the same number of points, the time will be decisive.

You can enter this discipline via the World Championship registration form, but you can also enter on-site at registration.