Dog Puller MICRO

The Dog Puller MICRO is a specially adapted sport Dog Puller for dogs up to 5 kg and is built on the same principles. It is based on working with two rings and allows active training with your dog, as well as the opportunity to understand them better and develop them mentally. The training consists of three simple exercises - running, jumping and pulling. The training is conducted by positive motivation in the form of a game and is fun for the dog. It increases the dog's physical condition and develops their mental abilities.

Competition is in 2 disciplines - Running and Jumping.

The Running discipline consists of alternately running the dog for the Puller on both sides of the field, catching the rolling Puller and bringing it to the starting zone. Here the dog drops it on the ground or passes it to the handler. The racing field is 5 x 15 meters. The middle field is the starting zone, the outermost fields are the running zones and behind them is the catching zone, which is at least 1 meter long. The discipline lasts 90 seconds and two Puller rings are used alternately. If the dog catches a Puller that is at least 5 meters away and brings it back to the starting zone, the team scores 1 point. The team tries to score as many points as possible.

The Jumping discipline consists in alternating jumping from ring to ring with a bite into the Puller in the jump. It is competed in a starting or running zone, which are each 5 x 5 meters. The discipline lasts 90 seconds. Two Puller rings are used, alternating for each jump. The Puller can only be released after the dog has grabbed the Puller in their mouth (depending on working technique, the handler may also release the Puller). The team tries to achieve the highest number of correct catches of the Puller in the jump. The quality of the jumps is scored, not the number of jumps.

Competing categories are:

- Puppies - unofficial category for dogs from 3 to 12 months,

- Adults - official category for dogs over one year old.

WCH Categories


Unofficial category for dogs from 3 to 12 months.


Official category for dogs over one year old.


Categories for dogs that have never entered the official categories. They compete according to modified rules.