Puller Darts

The discipline Puller Darts is a combination of the darts and the Dog Puller.


  • juniors (15-17 years)
  • women
  • men

Start fee:

150 CZK / 6


  • The competitor stands on a marked line 10 metres from the centre target.
  • The competitor can throw the Puller in any way.
  • The score is determined by which zone the Puller lands in.
  • The point of landing of the Puller is the place where the Puller stays and does not move any further.
  • If the Puller falls on the line between two zones, the zone that contains the larger part of the Puller is taken into account.
  • The Puller can be rolled into the target circles.
  • Only the landing of the Puller in the circle is judged, and at the same time the oversteps are monitored.
  • Only the accuracy of the Puller's landing in the circle is assessed, while at the same time it is monitored whether the Puller remains in the circle. If the Puller rolls out of the circle or bounces and flies out of the circle, this action is not scored.Competitors are not limited by time.
  • The Pullers of all sizes are used.
  • Each size of Puller can be thrown once.
  • In case of a tie, the competitors have a shoot-out in which they again throw all sizes of Puller, with each competitor being allowed to throw each size of Puller only once.
  • The shoot-out continues until one of the competitors gets a higher score.
  • Points from the shoot-out are not counted towards the score.


The field is rectangular with minimum dimensions of 10 m x 22 m.

The target itself is formed by four concentric circles. The centre of these circles is 10m from the starting line.

Circle diametres:

(out) 1st circle– diameter 5 m

2nd circle– diametr 3 m

3rd circle– diameter 1,6 m

center – diameter 50 cm

Scoring of each zone:

Pullerthat landed between the 1st and 2nd circle (zone 4) - 1 point.

Puller that landed between the 2nd and 3rd circle (zone 3) - 3 points.

Pullerthat landed between the 3rd circle and the center (zone 2) - 5 points.

Puller that landed in the center (zone 1) - 10 points.

You can enter this discipline via the World Championship registration form, but you can also enter on-site at registration.