Kynologický spolek sportu Dog Puller z.s.

further referred to as the Club

IČO: 08 98 87 81

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Rules for organizing official competitions:

  • competitions may only be organized by a member of the Club
  • organizer is obliged to pay to the Club 1000,- CZK for the competition, the payment is sent to the bank account of the Club: 89887815/5500, variable symbol for payment 4545, in the message to the recipient indicate the name of the event and its date
  • organizer is obliged to provide a discount to the Club members (the amount of the discount is at the organizer's decision)
  • Club is obliged to promote the competitions on the official website and social networks
  • Club will provide the organizer with official course markings and signage for the referees, and will also arrange communication with the Collar company
  • If you are a member of the Club and would like to organise a competition, please fill in the following form by clicking on the button below