Extra challenges

The Championship also includes additional disciplines that are designed to be not only extra challenging for everyone, but also extra fun!

EXTRA CHALLENGES will be available throughout the weekend. You can sign up for all challenges in advance using the entry form below, or you can sign up on the day of the event at registration.

There are 2 disciplines especially for smaller children: Skitlles and Pin the Puller will entertain the youngest ones. Children can hit the skittles with the Puller, which requires not only strength, but also accuracy and cleverness, or they can throw the Pullers at the pins to test their accuracy. The start fee for this discipline is rather symbolic and is paid only for a competitive attempt. Children can enjoy both disciplines for the whole two days.

For older competitors, we recommend Puller Darts and Hit It. Both disciplines will test your perfect accuracy.

The other two disciplines are the already known Mix and Round, which are based on the classic Dog Puller. So you can compete with your dog and test your cooperation even more.

The main goal is to enjoy the whole two days. So enjoy them with us!

The start fee can be found at the individual descriptions or on the registration page.


Competitive discipline for the little ones. The skittles challenge is open to children from 3 to 14 years old.

Pin the Puller

Competitive discipline for children from 3 to 14 years old. Everyone knows how to throw rings. But with us, you throw pullers.

Puller Darts

A discipline in which only the owners compete. Open to everyone from 15 years of age. Try to get the Pullers as close to the center of the target as possible.

Hit it

Do you have good aim? Test it on this discipline. Will your Puller pass under the feet of Serge, Varvara or our Czech multiple champion Straka? Open to everyone from 15 years of age.


A combination of the best of Dog Puller. Running and Jumping together in one discipline. Race again as a team with your dog in 5 different categories.


A little faster running, which will be enjoyed by the owner. You compete again in a team with your dog in 5 different categories.