Pin the Puller

Competition especially for children.

In this contest, the competitor must score as many points as possible using the Puller on a board with pins that have different point ratings. Competitors are categorized by age. 


  • Children 3-5 years
  • Children 6-8 years
  • Children 9-11 years
  • Children 12-14 years

Start fee:
50,- CZK / 2
You only pay for the competition attempt. Kids can practice the discipline for free :)


  • The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible (the maximum possible number of points is 300).
  • The field is defined by starting lines and a wooden target in the shape of a cross with dimensions 38 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm, in which 5 pins 16 cm high are anchored. The target lies on the ground.
  • Each pin has its own score, which is written on it (20; 30; 50 points).
  • Each competitor gets 6 Pullers, which they individually throw onto the pins. In total, they make 6 consecutive rolls.
  • The competitor throws the Puller onto the pins anchored in the target and scores points for each throw during which they manage to "pin" the Puller.
  • Throughout the game the competitor must stand behind the starting line corresponding to their age category.
  • In case of an overstep - stepping on or over the starting line - the points scored during this throw will not be included in the competitor's score.
  • Children in the 3-5 years category throw Mini size Pullers.
  • Competitors in all categories except 3-5 years are timed.
  • The timer starts running after a clear signal from the competitor - a double tap of two Pullers against each other and ends with the impact of the 6th Puller on the ground.
  • In case of the same number of points for several competitors in one category, the measured time will decide their ranking (faster time = higher ranking).
  • Each age category has a starting line marked at different distances from the target:
  • Children 3 – 5 years 2 m
  • Children 6 – 8 years 4 m
  • Children 9 – 11 years 6 m
  • Children 12 – 14 years 8 m

You can enter this discipline via the World Championship registration form, but you can also enter on-site at registration.