Discipline MIX is a combination of both dogpuller disciplines - JUMPING and RUNNING. Disciplines are repeated in sequence, starting first with two running throws and then followed by two jumps and all over again!!!


  • Mini
  • Midi
  • Maxi
  • Drive
  • Heavy Weight

Start fee:

300,- CZK / 12


  • The competing team starts in the starting field.
  • The performance of the race is started by a visible double tapping of the Pullers against each other. From the second tap the timer starts.
  • Competitors alternate between the well known disciplines of running and jumping. They always start with the running.
  • The Puller is thrown to the dog twice, i.e. in two directions. Throws must be made according to the rules of the Dog Puller Running discipline. When the second throw is completed (the dog returns to the starting field for the second time) the dog is offered a Puller to jump, according to the rules of Dog Puller Jumping. The running is then immediately followed by the jumping. The team performs a total of two jumps and then follows up with a run. In this way - two times running, two times jumping and then again two times running, two times jumping the team performs its performance until the timer expires.
  • The discipline lasts a total of 90 seconds. The performance (combination of running and jumping) is scored according to the official rules.

You can enter this discipline via the World Championship registration form, but you can also enter on-site at registration.